Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kitty Kat necklace

A necklace I saw over on byhillary's blog caught my eye a couple months ago http://www.byhillary.com/2009/05/tuesday-you-scallywag.html (scroll down to see her necklace)

She got it from orangyredink at Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6962737

After a long deliberation and way more thought than it warranted I finally contacted redorangyink about making a personalized tattoo necklace for me. This is what I gave her (which is not a tattoo that I actually have):

This is what she created for me (in super fast record time):

Awesome, huh? I debuted it this weekend and both Mr. Moto and a girlfriend agreed that it is totally completely me.

Win for etsy and me!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheap Music

Pandora + Library = smiles while rocking out.

Pandora has to be the greatest thing on the Internet. Love it! But, if I want to take those songs with me, I have to pay. Don't love that. I've found that the local library is the perfect compliment to pandora.

I live in Houston, no surprise that a big city would have big library resources and lots of choices. My favorite part is that I can reserve CDs and have them delivered to my local branch. Where I quickly borrow them and burn to my computer (all the while giggling). Thus far, the library has provided every CD I can imagine. Old, new, blues, dance, EVERYTHING.

I'm not cool enough to have an ipod (I don't commute and although I jog, i mostly listen to the regular radio). Where all this free music comes in handy is at work. I'm one of those folks easily distracted by phone calls, people walking by, and hallway conversations. Basically, I'm distracted by all the normal things that occur in an office. My office also happens to be very social, which is great for everything except actually getting work done.

By listening to music, I can zone all of that out and focus more on whatever task I'm doing.

which reminds me, I have a 400+ report to review today....
I think I'll start with mellow music for a monday


Friday, June 26, 2009


I have pretty light eyebrows and for the last couple of years have made a point of not really plucking (except for in the middle). I was pretty scarred from all the years of overplucking that I wanted to let my eyebrows grow and get back to a more natural state. And I sneeze a lot when I pluck. It's annoying to pluck, blow nose, pluck, blow nose...

But, while taking the bumpit pics I was APPALLED at my crazy wonky eyebrows. They looked outta control. So I took action. I got them threaded. Do you know about threading? http://www.batoolsalon.net/index.html

It's basically someone with twirled up string that runs it over your hair. As it twirls, it pulls out hair. It felt a lot like plucking, so yes, I was a little sneezy and it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world. But it's over much much faster.

Here's a before and after:

That's a pretty good improvement. I don't know what the deal is with that one pocket of hair that insists on growing straight up, but the threading made it a lot less noticable. She didn't take too much off, just cleaned me up.

So, I can thank the bumpits for giving me fab lazy-day hair and encouraging me to wrangle in those brows.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting on board with bumpits

I won't lie, those bumpits adverts are tempting and hiliarious at the same time. The last thing I need is the ability to transform into a beauty pagent contestant in less than five minutes.

But then I bought one. I love it.

At work, it just looks like a better version of dirty hair headband day.

Then at home, I played with using both the medium and large bumpit. Holy moley! The pics don't do justice. This thing is fabulous and inspires great red lipstick.

Apparantly I do need to transform into a beauty pagent contestant.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I checked out a rather skeevy looking thrift store yesterday during lunch and JACKPOT. I found a gemagic for $2. New. Never used. I never heard of a gemagic, but it looks like instant fun... http://www.gemagicstuds.com/

This is everything that came in the box...

Pretty cool, huh?

I have a couple of blank boring tanks that I'll probably tag. I've been dying to add studs..ala Punky Style. http://punkystyle.com/diy-studs/

I just couldn't bear to purchase a kit for something that I may only do to a couple times. Two bucks was the perfect price for me.


Monday, June 22, 2009

setting up

So, I'm a little unsure that I want to start a blog. There is the peep-show factor involved (do I really want others inside my head?) and of course, oppositely, does anyone really care what's inside my head...hmm...

I'm also trying to settle into setting this up. I would like to be able to add interesting pics, but keep leaving my camera someplace away from my computer - so no downloads. I'm a big fan of blogs with pics, so I'd like to offer the same.

Gimme some time to get my stuff together, then I'll join the community in proper fashion!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My first...

So. huh. This is my first attempt at blogging and really journaling since I was about 12 years old. I can't promise that I'll write more important or interesting prose since that time.

I'm not exactly sure how I want this blog to go...maybe I'll talk about fashiony things, maybe crafts? I like to make things with my hands, even I'm not really very skilled at it. I have some fun & sometimes getting interesting accessories out of it.

I should probably say something about myself, since this is first post and all. My name is Becca. I live in Houston with my husband Mr. Moto and a fair share of cats (4). I work as a biologist of sorts. It's a job: I show up and they pay me.

I like dorky things like museums and libraries. Here's the proof.

I like playing soccer and signing up for random sporting events. There have been triathlon years, running years, biking years, and soccer tournement years. Despite all that, I'm not actually in terrific shape - I just like running around like a kid outside.

I hope you'll stick with me.