Thursday, April 30, 2015

Half Marathon

About a week ago, I participated in the Diva Run 2015. It’s a women’s only half-marathon and 5k. I’m not particularly big on women’s only events; I don’t personally subscribe to the idea that sporting events need to be separated by gender. I’m cool to run with the guys. I don’t feel any less supported in a mixed group than I do separated. I’ve only done a couple of women’s only events: this half marathon and one sprint triathlon a million years ago.  

Mostly I signed up for this run because it gave me enough time to train. Or so I thought. I signed up in January with a group of girlfriends: some who had ran before and for others it was their first time.

In January, I was super gung-ho about training and kicked butt on my training schedule. It wasn’t even related to ‘new year’.  What was related to the new year was a nice and calm weekend schedule. That all went out the window in February once birthday parties, work travel, longer runs, and endless rainy weekends started.

Pre-Run photograph with our team.

And I learned that it’s tough to train with a kid. This was my first half-marathon since our daughter was born. I had a really hard time carving out the time to run. That first 5-6 weeks probably went well due to only having to run for 40-50 minutes. I can do that with my Adventure Buddy in a running stroller. But once I needed to run for an hour, nope! No kiddo wants to chill in a stroller for an hour.

But I did it. I muddled through the half-marathon and while it was my slowest time*, I finished without injury. That’s a WIN folks! Cheers!

*I typed that out, then went back and did some research on my times. I guess I remembered myself being faster, but I was only 5 minutes slower. I think that means that I have room for improvement with proper training. I totally want to do this again, just to beat myself.

Friday, April 17, 2015


First outfit post in a million years. Not terribly exciting, but I do like that this top has ponies on it. When I first saw it, I thought they might be unicorns. But ponies are cool too! It’s from Target, but no longer for sale.
While googling, I found out that it’s been worn on TV (Pretty LittleLiars).


Must be cool, right? or at least it was in 2013.


About these shoes: I’m pretty sure they are the most basic of shoes. They are Borns. So boring, so practical, so comfy, so able-to-match-everything. They are getting a lot more wear than I thought they would.  I got them last year when I was having some heel issues and had to buy all-comfy shoes. I fully recommend based on high level of comfort and ability to match, but just know that you won't be pumped when you put them on. No excitement-factor.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


So I just returned to the office after a lunchtime bootcamp-like class. I’m kinda sweaty and gross, but okay with that. I do environmental work, though I'm inside 95% of my time, and people are used to seeing folks in my dept without markeup
Last year I was trying to squeeze in more exercise for a work activity-challenge. It was one of those challenges where you track all of your active time. We were supposed to reach for something like 200 minutes each week, which breaks down to about 30 minutes a day… and the first couple of weeks, I couldn’t reach that goal. I felt like I didn’t have 200 minutes a week to spare. 30 minutes of working out meant at least 30 minutes away from my kiddo/family. And I didn’t want to do that.

 I had another coworker in the same boat, and that’s when we decided that we could do something during work. We found a trainer who would do 30 minute small group classes for us and more than a year later – we are still doing it!

 It’s pretty fun. There are only 5-6 of us doing it and it varies as each person’s schedule varies. The woman instructing us used to be BIG into taekwondo & is currently a Beach Body coach that does all of their videos – so we end up with a really well rounded workout that isn’t the same day to day.

I don’t know why I’m typing all of this up, but whatever, I can write what I want here!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Still me

I'm bored at work, bored with what I'm wearing, and don't have a current crafty project. Five years ago I quit this blog, but am considering a re-start in hopes of finding creativity. When I had to think of something to write about, it made me think a little differently and pushed me more creatively. I think I'd like that back.

So, where have I been. Sheesh, in five years I've been a lot of places:

  • I've traveled more both in the US and internationally
  • I'm still with the same company, but my role is completely different than it was five years ago
  • I have a KIDDO! Which is the biggest and best change.
  • Related to that, I don't ride a scooter anymore. Have a much more responsible and comfy subaru nowadays
  • I relearned crochet. Which might be my second favorite change in five years.

But mostly, I'm still me.

And sometimes that means I eat ice cream out of a cowboy hat and then have a friend hold it up so that I can pretend to wear it. Because why not?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I actually really liked what I'm wearing today, so figured I'd share:

At first glance, it's a little too neutral and dull looking but then PA-DOW!
The blue pops near my face completely lit up my eyes. Yeah for that.
And I kinda love wearing this vest, although I never feel quite right when I wear it with anything other than off-white. If you're any other ideas?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just don't feel it that way

we just don't feel it that way.

That was my only line ever in a play. I don't even remember the name of the play, but can tell you that it had the exact amount of actors as my junior drama class. Why we couldn't split up and do two or three separate pieces will never be understood.

But yeah, I've felt tapped lately. I haven't felt inspired and then when I have a semi-clever idea - I just can't muster the energy.

I've even bought necklaces recently. For real. Things that i know I can make with my two hands.

I'm trying to get back...anyone else have these moments (months?)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

funny zoo doors

I went to the zoo this weekend and wanted to share the hilarity of the bathroom stall doors.

Here is the front:

And once you get inside, the back of the door:

Very clever Houston Zoo.