Thursday, April 30, 2015

Half Marathon

About a week ago, I participated in the Diva Run 2015. It’s a women’s only half-marathon and 5k. I’m not particularly big on women’s only events; I don’t personally subscribe to the idea that sporting events need to be separated by gender. I’m cool to run with the guys. I don’t feel any less supported in a mixed group than I do separated. I’ve only done a couple of women’s only events: this half marathon and one sprint triathlon a million years ago.  

Mostly I signed up for this run because it gave me enough time to train. Or so I thought. I signed up in January with a group of girlfriends: some who had ran before and for others it was their first time.

In January, I was super gung-ho about training and kicked butt on my training schedule. It wasn’t even related to ‘new year’.  What was related to the new year was a nice and calm weekend schedule. That all went out the window in February once birthday parties, work travel, longer runs, and endless rainy weekends started.

Pre-Run photograph with our team.

And I learned that it’s tough to train with a kid. This was my first half-marathon since our daughter was born. I had a really hard time carving out the time to run. That first 5-6 weeks probably went well due to only having to run for 40-50 minutes. I can do that with my Adventure Buddy in a running stroller. But once I needed to run for an hour, nope! No kiddo wants to chill in a stroller for an hour.

But I did it. I muddled through the half-marathon and while it was my slowest time*, I finished without injury. That’s a WIN folks! Cheers!

*I typed that out, then went back and did some research on my times. I guess I remembered myself being faster, but I was only 5 minutes slower. I think that means that I have room for improvement with proper training. I totally want to do this again, just to beat myself.

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